Stay@Home 2022 Monthly Competition

  1. General:

The Malta Photographic Society (MPS) will organise a photographic competition with the heading: Stay@Home 2022 Monthly Competition.

  1. Participation:

Only paid-up members of the Malta Photographic Society are eligible to participate in these competitions.

  1. Format:

This competition is a standalone MPS competition and is not tied to the Photographer of the Year or Progress Awards. The competition is made up of digital projected images and prints.

  1. Frequency:

A competition is held every month: March, April, May and June, 2022.

  1. Titles and Format:

March – Free Subject – Colour Projected Images (CPI)

April – Free Subject – Monochrome Projected Images (MPI)

May – Landscape – Colour Prints*

June – Portraits – Monochrome Prints*

  1. How to Participate Colour Projected Images (CPI) & Monochrome Projected Images (MPI)

If you have already registered for the previous edition of the Stay@Home competition, go to point (c)

A) Enter the Stay@Home 2022 Monthly Competition website at:

B) Register when you first enter and log in when you enter the site again

C) Click on the square button on the home page labelled: Stay@Home Monthly Competition 2022 for the month of participation – this will take you to another page

D) Click on ‘PARTICIPATE’; upload a photo (you can participate with a maximum of 3 images)

E) Be careful when uploading your photo, if you upload one by mistake or repeat a photo, you will not be able to undo or delete the mistaken photo. You will ONLY have three chances to upload your photos.

F) Give your work a title and type it in where indicated – ‘Title of Image’.

G) Done!

H) You will receive an email of your entries.

Colour Prints and Monochrome Prints*

Prints must be handed in at the Malta Photographic Society, 137, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, two weeks from the judging date. These can be handed during the Thursday Club Night or as instructed otherwise.

  1. CPI & MPI Format and Naming
  • The image file format should be jpeg. The file resolution should not be more than 1920 pixels (horizontal) by 1080 pixels (vertical) at 300 ppi. (Tip: First work out the vertical and confirm that it does not exceed 1080 pixels and then check that the horizontal does not exceed 1920 pixels.)

Your image dimensions should be within this extent but does not necessarily need to match this ratio.

  • When saving the image file, the compression ratio should be set to 12.
  • Colour space should be sRGB and the file size should not exceed 3 MB.
  • Submitted photographs are to be named as follows: Name of Author_Title of Photo. Ex: Joe Attard_The Elusive Butterfly
  • Images not conforming to this format are automatically disqualified.


  • Prints must measure between a maximum dimension of 40cm x 30cm and a minimum dimension of 30cm x 20cm, edge to edge. Images can be of any size or format within these dimensions.
  • Prints must NOT be mounted.
  • LABELLING OF PRINTS: Title of work, full name and address of participant must appear at the back of each print in BLOCK LETTERS. Entries must be numbered individually. An arrow indicating image orientation shall be included.
  1. Entries
  • Every member of the Malta Photographic Society is entitled to submit a maximum of three images for each competition.
  • Works submitted in any Internal competition or accepted in the National competition organised by MPS are not eligible for participation in this competition.
  • All entries must be the entire work of the author.
  1. Submission of works:

Works are to be submitted by the date assigned every month. These dates will be published on the MPS website, on the MPS Facebook page before every competition and communicated to all members through an email.

  1. Judging:

Each monthly competition will be judged by two independent judges chosen by the MPS executive committee. Judging will be done at the MPS Club House and if the meetings are not held in person at the club house due to Health Authorities directives, these sessions will be transmitted live via Zoom. The judging dates will be advised with the closing date of the monthly competition. All points given by the judges will be made public. Authors will accumulate their overall points gained throughout the four competitions; the member who has gained the highest accumulative number of points will be declared the winner.

  1. Awards:

The overall winner will receive a €100 voucher to be redeemed at one of the following outlets:

  • Ilab Photo Ltd, 20, Canon Road, Qormi
  • Intervisions, the Fort, Level 3, Hard Rocks Business Park, Burmarrad Rd, Naxxar
  • Photoimages Malta, Laurent Ropa Street, B’Kara

The second and third placed members will benefit from a free year’s membership of the Society.

In the event of a tie on points, the €100 voucher shall be awarded to the photographer who gained the most 1st places in the competition during the whole four months. If there is still a tie on both points and 1st places, then the photographer who obtained the most 2nd and 3rd places during the competitions will be declared the winner.

The same will happen for the runner up and first runner up.

  1. Other Conditions
  • If a submission violates any of the conditions, the Society reserves the right to take any fitting action, including the forfeiture of points and the suspension of the offending member from participating in any or all competitions organised by the MPS.
  • The photographic work submitted must be the member’s own work from start to finish and the member will therefore own its copyright.
  • Members must be in possession of all the original, unedited file/s, including associated EXIF information of the images submitted for any competition organised by the Society. Such files may be required to be presented on demand by the Executive Committee.
  • The loss of files is not acceptable as a justifiable excuse not to provide such files.
  • The non-submission of the file/s results in automatic disqualification from that particular competition.
  • All submitted entries will be handled with care. The Malta Photographic Society cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to any submitted entry, however caused.
  • The Society reserves the right to change the Colour Prints and Monochrome Prints Stay&Home Monthly competitions to Colour Projected Images and Monochrome Projected Images accordingly when it deems neccessary and/or in line with the situation with Covid-19 and any directives issued from the Health Authorities. In such eventuality, members will be advised after the judging of the preceding monthly competition.
  • Participation in any of these competitions signifies acceptance of these rules and regulations.