Malta’s intangible cultural heritage (ICH)
Participation Terms & Conditions


1. ORGANISER: The Malta Photographic Society (Organiser), is organising a photographic competition with the theme: Malta’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

2. COMPETITION ELIGIBILITY: The Competition is open to the general public, residents in Malta and Gozo. Participants are to be 16 years of age or older on the 16th August, 2021.

3. IMAGE OWNERSHIP: Participants must have full rights of the entries submitted.

4. CERTIFICATION & PERMISSIONS: By virtue of submitting a photographic entry, the participant certifies the work as being his/her own and permits the Ministry to reproduce all or part of the entered images, free of charge, for any promotional campaign to nominate on the National Inventory and to safeguard our local Intangible Cultural Heritage. Participants assume personal responsibility for any claim arising out of the publication, exhibition or use of their photographic entries, as the Organiser or the Ministry shall assume no liability for any misuse of copyright / data protection and categorically disclaim any liability whatsoever. The participant has to ensure that any person discernibly featured in the picture gives his/her written consent for the picture to be displayed in public in any promotional or cultural campaign organised by the Ministry for the promotion of Malta’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

5. INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS: The copyright of photographs entered in this competition remains with the entrant at all times.

6. NUMBER OF ENTRIES: Each participant may submit a maximum of four (4) digital images in colour and/or monochrome.

7. COMPETITION THEME: The theme chosen for this completion is: ‘Malta’s Intangible Cultural Heritage’ (ICH). The aim of the Competition is to encourage photographers to bring Malta’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) to light. With the trained eye of the photographer, Malta’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) can be identified and recorded, and the resulting photographs are to encourage the local community to preserve and take the necessary steps to safeguard oral traditions and expressions, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festive events, culinary art and culture, and the various skills and craftsmanship that have moulded earlier social-economic developments.
A brief descriptor of the competition theme (ICH) and its intended interpretation, can be found at the end of these Terms & Conditions.


9. CLOSING DATE: The digital Images are to be uploaded online on the Malta Photographic Society’s website: between the 16th and 31st August 2021. No entries will be accepted after this date. A digital application form will be available at the same site and would need to be filled up and submitted with the participating images

10. IMAGE AUTHENTICITY: The original entries must originate as photographs (an image made using a camera, focused on to light-sensitive material or sensor and then made visible and permanent digitally) and must be made by the participant. Any creative image must only contain additional images captured by the participant or done through editing. Participants cannot make use of clip-art or elements from stock photography. Any modification of the original image must be made by the
author. Participants are advised that the Society can ask for proof of ownership of the submitted photo/s. No one is allowed to participate with any photo that has not been produced by him/herself.

11. DIGITAL IMAGE REQUIREMENTS: The image file format should be JPEG. If the image is in landscape format, the file resolution should not be more than 1920 pixels (horizontal) by 1080 pixels (vertical) at 300 ppi. For images in portrait format, the verticals should not be more than 1080 pixels. The projector/monitor is set for 1920 pixels (horizontal) x 1080 pixels (vertical). Your image dimensions should be within these dimensions but does not necessarily need to match this ratio. When saving the images, compression ratio is to be set at 12. Colour space should be sRGB and file size should not exceed 3MB. Images not conforming to this format will be automatically disqualified.

12. NAMING OF IMAGES: Images should be named as indicated in this example:
Surname_Name _Image Title
Underscores are required and thus must be included as per this example.

13. REJECTIONS: The Organiser reserves the right to reject any image prior to judging, giving a specific reason for such action.

14. AWARDS: The Ministry shall award the following prizes:
1stPrize €600
2ndPrize €400
3rd Prize €300
4th – 12th Prizes €60 each
Additional Prizes of €50 may be given on judges’ recommendations.
Special Award – Best photo with a clear association with Christmas in Malta €300
(provided that the image is not one of the first, second or third prize winners.)
The winning first three works must be from different participants.
A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to all winning 12 authors and a Certificate of Participation will be given to all the remaining participating authors.
The Judges may decide not to award any of the prizes, should the artistic level of the photos is not attained.

15. REQUIRED HI-RES VERSIONS OF THE WINNING PHOTOS: Authors of winning photos will be asked to supply high resolution TIFF and JPEG digital copies of his/her winning photo to be suitable for large-format printing for exhibition purposes. If help will be needed for this exercise, members of the Society will be available to guide the author accordingly. There will not be any printing and mounting costs involved by the participant but the Ministry will have the right to retain the prints.

16. ORGANISERS’ LIABILITY: All submitted entries will be handled with care. The Organiser cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to any submitted entry, however caused.

17. JUDGING: All works will be judged at the Malta Photographic Society’s premises in Valletta by a panel of three non-participating judges, these being a representative of the Ministry and two experienced judges appointed by the Organiser. Judging is scheduled for 18th September, 2021. The Organiser reserves the right to change this judging date depending on any prevailing circumstance.

18. NOTIFICATION: Results of all submitted entries will be communicated via email within 10 working days from judging of works.

19. POST JUDGING REJECTIONS: In the event that any selected or award-winning entry is later found to have violated any of the conditions listed, the Organiser reserves the right to take any action deem fit, including the withdrawal of the prize/s awarded.

20. USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS: The Ministry shall reserve the right to publish any of the chosen photographs in its publications and promotional material, including but not limited to TV productions and street advertising in connection with any promotional campaign of Malta’s ICH, and/or in any exhibition in Malta and abroad. Credit will be given to the authors and to the Malta Photographic Society.

21. ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: Participation in the ‘Malta’s Intangible Cultural Heritage’ (ICH) Competition of Photography, 2021, signifies full and unconditional acceptance of all the above conditions.

22. DATA PROTECTION: All data collected for this Competition, will be kept secure as specified in General Data Protection Regulations 2018. The data held will not be shared with any third parties, for any reason, other than to meet legal obligations. This data will be used solely for communication purposed related to the said Competition. After this period any data held will be securely deleted.

A brief descriptor of the competition theme (ICH) and its intended interpretation:
The easiest way to understand “Intangible Cultural Heritage” is to recall what each word means on its own. Heritage is something that is passed down through generations. Culture refers to values, traditions, and identities. And intangible means impossible to touch.

Putting the above words together, “Intangible Cultural Heritage” refers to the traditions and living expressions that are transmitted from one generation to the next. One can think of it as “living heritage.” The Culture Directorate has already recognised the following:

The Maltese Ftira (Il-Ftira Maltija); Lace Making (Il-Bizzilla); Għana; Transportation of Gold Embroidery (It-trasportazzjoni tar-rakmu tad-deheb); Falconry (Il-Falkunerija); Brilli; The Maltese Feast (Il-Festa Maltija); Maltese Nicknames (Laqmijiet Maltin); Ephemeral Art with Natural Materials (Arti Effimera); Stereotomy (Sterjotomija); Għażżiela; Sea Salt Harvesting (Is-Sengħa tal-Melħ)

Malta and Gozo have much more and the aim of this competition is to bring to the fore others: such as the making of typical Maltese food, skills of making handicrafts, methods of agriculture and fishing, celebrations, religious manifestations, cooking skills and culinary art, winery, festivals, traditional games, dance, theatre, pottery making, boat making etc. Elements of this heritage are integral parts to life across our country or in certain parts of the islands.

The following should serve as two examples: A picture of a boat is not eligible. Eligible is an image of a particular point when someone is working on a boat and using traditional skills. A picture of ‘qagħqa tal-għasel’ is not eligible. An image of a moment when doing it is eligible.

Intangible cultural heritage is “traditional, contemporary and living at the same time.” The image needs to show an element of inclusivity (ideally, not one gender is present), representative (reflects Maltese) and community-based (the subject reflects that people have an active and participative role).